yultuz yakup

Multimedia Manager - Global

Yultuz Yakup | Multimedia Manager - Global

Yultuz is a creative and diverse Multimedia Designer from Ireland, with over four years proven experience with UI/UX, web, mobile, branding and product design, to name a few.

She has worked for both Irish and International companies in the past, which include: Legion Interactive, Digital Motors and other SMEs. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours Degree) In Multimedia from Dublin City University (DCU) Ireland. She is skilled in Agile methodologies. Having adapted these techniques for end-to-end project management, in collaboration with product managers, project managers and developers.

Yultuz is particularly proud of the time she won “Best Irish Tablet & Mobile App” at the Digital Media Awards in 2016. Her app ''Lámh Time App'' which was co-led with others was very successful for her stakeholders. She is also a native Chinese Mandarin speaker, and has an interest in reading and photography, in particular, street photos, and collecting records.''