Weibo Photo Sharing Contest

Client: INDIGO shopping Centre
City: Beijing, China
Channels: Weibo, WeChat, OFO branded channels
Time: Spring 2017

By leveraging the target audiences of OFO, the cooperative project aimed to draw young people’s attention to the charisma of INDIGO hotels and shopping mall.


Project Scope & Success Story
We launched a photo sharing contest in partnership with OFO. One of Beijing’s most prominent bike-sharing companies. We actively invited target audiences to take a photo of springtime in Beijing, and post it on Weibo (@INDIGO as well as @ofo). The campaign success would be measured using analytical insights from the marketing channels and 3rd party tool. Our objective was to increase visitor numbers to the social channels and to the shopping centre and to increase brand awareness of the Hotels and carbon-free transport using public bikes in the city among Generation-X and Millennials.

Success Story

The topic on Weibo received significant success attracting large volumes of engagement. The campaign successfully received more than 2 Million views, parallel to thousands of participants, engagement, shares and posts. The campaign significantly enhanced the brand visibility, especially among younger target audiences such as Generation-X and Millennials.

As an added incentive, the promotion offered 10,000 giveaways in the form of coupon cards to use with OFO. Our Partners placed bicycles at the INDIGO’s retail centre, including other regional areas.