WeChat Marketing

WeChat – The Largest social and mobile marketing platform in China.

WeChat Setup, Advertising & Management


With 800 million active users living inside and outside of China, WeChat is a juggernaut of social networking and e-commerce that no one doing business with China can ignore.

Although it started as a WhatsApp styled instant messaging application, WeChat has rapidly evolved into a vast mobile ecosystem that enables communication, blogging, social networking, shopping, gaming features to individuals; as well as public relations, marketing, customer service and business sales.

Many local and international brands have already set up official WeChat accounts and WeChat mobile stores, allowing them to promote their products and provide services directly to their customers through WeChat, with great success.

However, because of language and cultural barriers, it is not always easy for Western companies to get started on WeChat. Our WeChat marketing services are designed to give you a competitive edge through our local knowledge and marketing expertise so that you can enter the vast market on offer.

Our Specialties

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Customer WeChat Advertising

Place your ads on the official WeChat pages of famous brands, celebrities and key opinion influencers, and reach their millions of followers

Official WeChat Account Registration

Admission to an exclusive club, some of the world’s most admired brands are already there. Now you can too, with our help.

WeChat Content Marketing

With a newly minted WeChat Official Account, we help you attract customers, broadcast marketing messages, design your WeChat home and reach out to key opinion influencers.

Mobile eCommerce

Help you set up E-commerce operation on WeChat and reach 800 million potential customers in the world’s No.1 E-commerce market.

WeChat Pay

Help your business get approval to use WeChat Pay, the No.1 mobile payment solution in China, both online and offline.

WeChat Mini Site,  APP and Metrics

Help you develop highly engaging and highly converting mini sites and mini-apps that turn your WeChat followers into customers.