What is Wechat E-Commerce?

WeChat is a mobile website that connects to the menu of the WeChat Official Account. One of the most important features of Wechat is that it has become the electronic wallet of its users, making it a great way led to online commerce. To be simple, when a Wechat user accesses your shop through WeChat or add-on Mini Programme, they can use their wechat wallet as a billing system to check-out directly. Combining with the marketing service and promotion via the App, such payment system will lead to a significant increase in your sales conversion rate.

  • Seamless user payment experience
  • Customer service accounts linked to the shopping process
  • Ecosystem within Wechat related to market, ad, customer service, payment, etc.
  • Pay with Chinese RMB, or other currencies

How does it work? 

Choose the right platform—Set up and Wechat shop(including payment system) —Design your shop—Upload your products—-facilitated your customer service—Receiving your orders from Chinese clients—-Follow up the users for more market

Our Service:

    1.  Full business analysis, eStore setup, construction and design, including, guidance on  choosing the right platform to start your E-Commerce business,  documents translation, and navigating legal issues and payment with our dedicated and experienced team. 
    2. End-to-end sales strategy: Boost your sales conversion revenue. Introduction of marketing rewards, coupons, reward programs, group buying, etc.    
    3. Marketing Strategy, including converting eStore visitors into WeChat followers, Ad Service, etc.