Advertising on WeChat is a must if your main business target is Chinese. It is important to know the difference between western online digital marketing and the unique Chinese one.  With Wechat becoming the largest social media network and multifunctional, it is a huge opportunity for marketers trying to advertise in China. There are many ways to do an advertisement via wechat. They are:

  • WeChat KOL Broadcasting Service

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) broadcasting service is one of the most crucial ways in terms of Wechat marketing. Each KOL has its own special network and are reliable among their networks. They will share your advertisement contents through the moments to reach the promotion goal. We will cautiously select the right KOL for you to deliver the key message for your brand.

  • Wechat Moments Ad:

Western marketers can also choose to promote their products/business/brands on WeChat Moments. It is similar to Facebook ads appearing on the timeline. It is a highly efficient advertisement service by targeting users according to their location, interests, age, gender, etc.

1 Precise reach

2 Large Customer Basis

3 Local Ads

4 Easy to track the effect

  • WeChat Banner Advertising

The benefit of banners advertising is that they target users already engaging with relative content on WeChat. For example, your business QR Code/brand/Business content/ads can be inserted at the bottom of targeted articles related to the specific topics, where they can lead the users to see your own brand ads by reading the relevant articles. It is one of the most important and popular Wechat Ads services, the banners type can be,

  • Footer Ads
  • Exchange Ads
  • Video Ads
  • H5 Ads

How to successfully reach your market goal by Wechat Ad service?

At Surfstr, we will support you to:

  • Analyze and locate your primary  target audience
  • Reach the right users and engage with the appropriate ad service
  • Content creation based on business needs, target market and key performance indicators