What is subscription Account?  

WeChat Subscription account allows business owners to push frequent content or news feeds straightaway to the followers. You can send one folder of messages per day. The main functions are as follows,

  • Better for businesses that want to put out content on a more regular basis
  • Build a loyal relationship with your followers
  • Enlarge your business brand awareness in China
  • Low propagation cost

What is Wechat Service Account?

WeChat service accounts focus on customer service, e-commerce, and CRM. The verified service accounts can also register for WeChat Pay and set up a WeChat Store.  After verification, service accounts have access to 9 advanced APIs that enable the brands to create additional apps and functions such as Instant Customer Service, GPS, Payments, etc. It publishes content up to 4 times per month.

The main functions are as follows,

  • Reply messages from users
  • Maintain high-performative customer service
  • Offer integrated e-commerce
  • Higher visibility to users
  • Payments (API) supported for all verified accounts
  • CRM System
  • Push notifications

If you are interested in setting up a Wechat account, please note the difference between Chinese accounts and international Accounts.  

Chinese WeChat users do not have access to WeChat International official accounts, while the international WeChat users have access to both Chinese and international official accounts. And both International and Mainland China WeChat users can view official WeChat accounts set up inside Mainland China.

If your main market target is Chinese users, then it would be of great help you set up Chinese official accounts. Without any official guidelines to Non-Chinese registered companies, it is important to approach the right agent to achieve your Wechat management goal.

How to successfully set up an official account to reach your market goal as a non-Chinese business?

Check out Surfstr service package

  1. Select the right type of Wechat account based on your main market purpose.
  2. Support to register Chinese official account to reach your Chinese users
  3. Documents guidance
  4. Translation and documentation guidance
  5. Account verification service

Business Analysis—Account Selection—Documents Check—Account Registration—Account Verification—Content Creation and Guidance

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