Case Study: 'Taste the world' campaign (我的⻝界观)

Client: INDIGO shopping Centre
City: Beijing, China
Channels: WeChat, Weibo and Live stream
Time: April to June 2017

Target Audience:
Middle-income earners located in the Bejing area;
Individuals with a more significant disposable income;
Milenimianals and shoppers

Promote the restaurants and cuisines’ on offer at the INDIGO shopping centre. There are approximately 38 dining areas at the shopping centre that we successfully promoted.


Designed a ”Taste the world” campaign (我的⻝界观).
Campaign posts were strategically placed on WeChat and Weibo to showcase the variety of international and local cuisines, promotions, discounts, and special events.

Our WeChat and Weibo strategy involved actively encouraging the viewers to engage the campaign by posting their personal opinions and food photos on social media for a chance to win a variety of coupon at our client’s restaurants. We invited a well known Cuisine TV channel in China (MCs) to the event and provided live stream coverage. Moreover, we recorded a variety of videos at selected restaurants, where we interacted with food lovers, cooks and captured the invigorating atmosphere. Also, we asked customers for their opinions upon discovering new international cuisine, some for the first time.

Success Story

The posts on Weibo and WeChat successfully acquired more than 2 Million views. Two Live stream videos had received approximately 10 million views. We successfully engaged a broad audience, increased branding, shared, engagement and people visiting the restaurants.