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Multilingual Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing Challenges

Many small and medium sized enterprises find it a challenge when promoting their company online. Decision makers face financial restraints to hiring in-house Digital Marketing Specialists, Asset creation designers, and language localisation specialists.

Moreover, the most concerning issues for decision makers is locating Digital Marketers with excellent writing techniques’, flexibility to the business environment and a demonstrated ability to solve advertising problems for clients. Online advertising requires an experienced individual that understands the marketplace, country or region, products and services, company strengths and weakness –and the business main competitors. Furthermore, demonstrating a creative and analytical way of thinking. Outsourcing this responsibility is more cost effective for small to medium sized companies.

Search Engine Marketing Solutions

Our team of experts will produce a creative and relevant advertising campaign to successfully promote your business’ products and services; and, or, to increase brand visibility.  With proven experience, the team will carefully review your business, your goals, competitors, website, content and create a proven strategy to achieve your business target (increase leads, conversions, sales, awareness etc.). The business stakeholder will be informed each-step of the way during the campaign creation stages and will be provided with a detailed report on the success outcome. There will be a management approval process and dedicated online platform that connects the Marketing Team Lead and the Stakeholder to oversee the entire approval process. In addition, the team will create effective and innovative assets (images, banners, promotional visuals) that can be displayed on Google and Bings advertising platform. We also advertise on Sklik, Baidu, Qihoo 360, Sogou,  Yandex, Naver and Daum.

The team will create all the marketing content, assets, and manage your advertising budget. For smaller companies, it is recommended to focus on Sales conversion advertisements. This is conducted by utilising a specific set of keywords in which online users insert into the Search Engine search field –with a high intent to buy. There are many advertising options targeting each stage of the consumer buying cycle. In addition, our online marketers will create effective retargeting campaigns to capture existing website visitors. Check out our advertising market reach and the platforms we advertise on.

Become a Case Study


Grappling with Adwords, Bing, Facebook and other paid media in-house? We offer a fully managed service so you don’t have to worry about any aspect of your paid search advertising. Surfstr Marketing understands the importance of ROI and deliverability, which is why we always keep in touch with your campaign performance vitals.


At Surfstr Marketing we obsess over KPI’s and ROI, providing tangible results and often reversing campaigns that have a trend of spiralling downward in performance. With a keen eye for conversion rate analysis, metrics are at the centre of everything we do and are the heartbeat of all our PPC campaigns.

  Media Channels

Our specialists are experts on Google AdWords, the most efficient way to scale results on the world’s biggest search engine. Bing now boasts a 20% share of the UK search engine market. Google Shopping. It doesn’t take a genius to see Google offering a richer and more diverse selection of results and prime real estate to paid ads, Surfstr ensures your products appear at the top of Google Shopping. Facebook and Instagram, the average person checks their phone up to 150 times per day, and it’s mostly to check Facebook alerts. We implement efficient remarketing strategies to retarget active buyers.

   Access International Markets

Take advantage of our European or International multilingual team who can create ads in English, French, Italian, German as well as Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian, Japanese,Korean and Arabic. Open up your business to the potential of the international market place using our PPC and display advertising services.