Multilingual - 27-Languages and 24-Hours Support

Multilingual Social Media Community Management


Some businesses do not have the recourses to create and monitor their Social Media channels. Especially, in multiple languages and across different time zones. Social Media Community Management has also become a leading platform for real-time Customer Services.

Research has identified that 1 in 3 social media users prefer social media customer care services to telephone or email. An estimated 67% of consumers now use social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to seek resolution for issues. Customers spend 20-40% more with companies that engage and respond to customers via social media. Nearly 70% of consumers have said that they have used social media for issues to do with customer service on at least one occasion. 60% of customers expect a response time of 60-minutes. Solving customer issues on Social Media costs nearly 1/6 when compared to a call centre. There is never a more important reason for your business to start effectively managing your Social channels.


Surfstr provides 24-hour Social Media Community Management. We have an experienced multilingual team across multiple time zones. All our social media specialists are native speakers to that particular market. Moreover, clients are offered actionable insights via means of regular reporting. Many customers request our Social Listening service, for added value. Clients have complete control; you can select the 12 or 24-hour community management option or decide to have as little as 1-hour monitoring per day. Our Social Media Specialists have experience in managing organic and paid advertisements, calendars and promotions. Furthermore, we have a dedicated graphic design and marketing team that can create your advertising assets.


Surfstr will arrange a consultation to understand your business social media goals. Surfstr aims to understand the markets and languages your organisation intends to target, how many hours this will involve and an agreed response time. Moreover, we can decide an appropriate product training assembly, a start date, and reporting structure. If your company currently uses a particular social media management platform, we can also cover this in your consultation. We aim to provide a flexible service around your needs. Once the contract is agreed, our social media specialists will commence setting-up admin rights to social channels and start managing your social presence. We measure your social media activities and provide actionable insights.


Our main co-working office is located in Prague, the Czech Republic and the company is registered in Dublin, Ireland. Prague has a vast and diverse expat community, and the costs of doing business are less than western Europe.  As a result, we can offer a high-quality service at a reduced price. Some of our senior specialists work from home, further reducing costs. These costs are passed on to our clients. We cover all locations, most of our clients are from Europe and the United States.


Surfstr has a professional family of specialist’s ready to start managing your social channels. Get in touch so we can identify a start-date and start generating results.


Community Management is most popular amongst pharmaceutical corporations that aim to migrate potential risk. Community management allows your business to monitor product misuse, incidents, and adverse events. Moreover, your company will be in a position to take action. Moreover, community management is an excellent choice for start-ups, medium businesses to large enterprises.  Moreover, we hire Social Media specialists in other time zones to provide a 24-hour service.

Become a Case Study

  Social Media Management

  • Real-time social media customer service
  • 1 to 24-hour social media monetisation
  • 27-languages multilingual community management
  • 1- hour responses to fan posts, mentions, complaints or praise

  Our Specialists 

  • Native social media specialists
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Cultural awareness
  • Full Product training
  • Best Practices Guide
  • Adverse events training

  Monitor Performance

  • Channel growth
  • Campaign creation and administration
  • Budget management
  • Actionable Insights and ROI Reporting
  • Trackable links to measure your campaigns
  • Calendar management
  • Actionable Insights and Reporting


  • Full or partial Management of your channel
  • Increase engagement
  • Monitor top Competitors
  • Social media guidelines creation & document maintenance
  • Creation of a FAQ Document
  • Customer queries or complaints sent to client for ticketing