Multilingual - 27-Languages and 24-Hours Support

Multilingual Social Media Community Management


The majority of online ventures require innovative and imaginative digital visuals. Ideally, visuals assets that tell a story and convey a distinct message. Digital assets are also created to inspire, influence and strategically manoeuvre your potential customers. Great digital assets require exceptional digital artists. At Surfstr, we will create your assets in as many as 1 to 27 languages.

You will often observe digital assets when you navigate to a website, interact with an App, icons, images, videos or view online advertisements, to name a few. Digital assets can make or break a company’s success. At Surfstr, we possess experienced, creative and proven Digital Art Professionals that are ready to help your business grow. We design digital experiences that connect with people, tell a story and create a journey.


Our Digital Artists are prepared to create stunning visuals.
Clients can also provide their proposals and briefs.
We understand the technologies and the nuances of designing for different digital mediums or devices and have the know-how to deliver exceptional digitally created assets. Some include:

  • Visual adverts (SEM, PPC, banners, branding)
  • Social media campaign assets
  • Front end website development and eCommerce assets
  • Wire framing and website planning
  • User experience design insights (UX)
  • Illustrations, graphics, logo and other visual graphics
  • User Experience and user interface design
  • Mobile App conceptual design
  • App visual designs
  • Infographics
  • Brand identity

Our professionals have top industry hardware and software to maximise their potential and the final result for our client.
We utilise real-time collaboration tools that allow artists to work together, share ideas and generate amazing results. This process amplifies knowledge sharing for our professionals, and adds extra value for our customers when executing projects.


Digital graphics are created in-house at our co working office in Dublin and Prague, or from remote locations by our professionals overseas. We aim to pass on cost-savings directly to our clients by promoting home office workplaces, reducing office rental costs and supporting a sustainable environment. Technology has advanced extensively to facilitate this process, and we regularly hold conference calls and annual group meetings in person.


Surfstr will arrange a conference call where we can discuss your requirements, objectives and goals, no commitments required. After which, if you are happy we will provide a detailed strategic plan to grow your business.


All our experienced Digital Artists have demonstrable portfolios with small to large fortune-500 clients. They are all University educated with excellent creativity, passion and determination for personal and client success. We have Digital graphic designers in a variety of native languages. For added value, they collaborate, adding their talents and personal touches for a polished end product that will inspire your audience.

Become a Case Study

  Social Media Management

  • Real-time social media customer service
  • 1 to 24-hour social media monetisation
  • 27-languages multilingual community management
  • 1- hour responses to fan posts, mentions, complaints or praise

  Our Specialists 

  • Native social media specialists
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Cultural awareness
  • Full Product training
  • Best Practices Guide
  • Adverse events training

  Monitor Performance

  • Channel growth
  • Campaign creation and administration
  • Budget management
  • Actionable Insights and ROI Reporting
  • Trackable links to measure your campaigns
  • Calendar management
  • Actionable Insights and Reporting


  • Full or partial Management of your channel
  • Increase engagement
  • Monitor top Competitors
  • Social media guidelines creation & document maintenance
  • Creation of a FAQ Document
  • Customer queries or complaints sent to client for ticketing