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Social Listening, also known as social monitoring tracks digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand and industry online. Social Listening allows companies to efficiently monitor the tone of voice that can potentially harm your business. Moreover, collect feedback, that can close performance gaps or generate new product ideas from consumer feedback. ‘If You Can’t monitor It, You Can’t Fix It’. This feedback is valuable and allows business to truly understand their consumers and competitors.


Social Listening involves experience, patience, excellent analytical thinking, dedication and an excellent knowledge of Social Media and Social Listening. Your company will benefit from our experienced Multilingual Social Listening professionals who will actively monitor and manage your online presence. Our professionals monitor Social Media mentions and the wider web for positive and negative sentiment. Thus, allowing you to make better-informed decisions and manage your online presence effectively.

Negative Online Review can severely damage brand reputation and trust. Consumers are digitally connected like never before; we live in a digital age where reviews influence a purchase. Companies with a better review score also rank higher on most search engines, most importantly, Google Search. Social Media is now part of Google Ranking Algorithm, its best that its managed, professionally. Surfstr track brand vulnerabilities across the internet in 27 languages and effectively manage sentiment for our clients, migrate risk and potential loss of sales.

Moreover, Social Listening allows companies to act on genuine feedback. Thus, enabling you to improve your products or service. Surfstr also offers a package to monitor your competitors; learning from their mistakes and success. Your company will get feedback that can lead to improving your products and even generates new product ideas, directly from your consumers, the people that matter. All of the results are reported on a monthly basis to close performance gaps and grow your business.


Social listening is the process of tracking conversations around specific phrases, words or brands, and then leveraging them to discover opportunities or create content for those audiences. Social Listening has been around for some years, but the majority of companies are not aware of it significance. With Social Listening your business can monitor consumer sentiment and tone around your brand and products.

Also, you can monitor your competitors; identifying what their consumers do and do not like about their products. Collecting this valuable information stops your company making the same mistakes as your competitors –and close performance gaps. Moreover, consumer feedback allows stakeholders to improve their product or service –and even create a new product based on consumer sentiment and feedback. Social listening is free feedback.

Many companies conduct feedback research using A/B test audiences which are costly and time-consuming. With Social Listening, stakeholders, have real-time feedback and can react quickly to challenges and amplify growth from discovered opportunities. Social Listening is the Eyes and Ears of social media. Furthermore, decision makers will be provided with the principal actionable-insights that will close performance gaps, expand their lead over their competitors.

Our professionals add significant value to understanding your customers. For example: What customers like and do not like about your products and services; why consumers prefer to buy products from your competitor etc.; what goods or services your customers would like to purchase etc. These valuable insights allow business decision makers to address serious challenges and take advantage of realistic opportunities –ultimately, making a more informed business decision. The Social Listening Specialist will also identify Social Media Influencers for possible promotional partnership.


Our professionals use a variety of tools to monitor Social Media mentions including sentiment on the wider web. Clients can select their preferred languages and particular markets to track. We offer professionals in over 27 languages across multiple markets.

For companies that operate globally or aim to, this is an excellent method for monitoring online sentiment.


The monitoring process is conducted on a monthly basis from our offices in Prague and Dublin, or from our professionals working remotely.


Our Social Listening consultant will arrange a meeting to discuss your particular needs, the frequency of reporting, languages and markets and commencement date. We will then assign native Social Listening professionals to that project and assign the client a dedicated Account Manager.


Clients are assigned to a Team of professionals; this includes an Account Manager, Production Manager and Team Lead at no additional cost, to successfully manage the project. Regardless of project size.

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  Social Media Management

  • Multilingual Social Listening Services
  • 27 Languages supported
  • Actionable monthly reports
  • Negative sentiment intervention
  • Competitor intelligence collection
  • Close performance gaps

  Our Specialists 

  • Native speaking social listening professionals
  • Monitoring online conversations
  • Brand, Reputation management
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Quantitative and qualitative information

  Monitor Performance

  • Social media audience segmentation
  • Potential Reach
  • Demographics
  • Prioritize and evaluate public feedback
  • Discover opportunities
  • Create content for those audiences


  • Social profiles and web monitoring
  • Mobile apps and blogs, (Reddit, Trip Adviser etc.)
  • 90% of consumers trust online positive reviews
  • Reviews affect trust, loyalty and growth
  • Track Hashtags & Phrases