Lucie Procházková

Instagram Strategist CEE/Italy

Lucie Procházková | Instagram Strategist | CEE/Italy

Lucie Procházková has proven experience working for Fortune-100 companies, where she excelled as an Insights Analytics and Social Media Manager. These companies include Honeywell, WPP Group, Reckitt Benckiser, Ford and Microsoft. She studied Economics and Management from a leading Spanish Management Institute located in Prague (ESMA) specialising in a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. In addition, she acquired valuable work experience in Spain, Greece and Italy where she also learned fluent Italian. Lucie is qualified with Six Sigma - Green Belt and Microsoft Marketing Automation and Microsoft Modern Marketing.

On a more granular level, she has a unique-eye for reverse-engineering complex data and identifying opportunities that close performance gaps. Lucie has worked for a variety of industries within a PR, Marketing and Advertising role. Those industries include cosmetic companies, auto and the Technological and Software sector. As a result of this exposure, Lucie offers a unique understanding and critical insight into a diverse range of varying clients types.

Lucie's technical strengths reside in data analysis and Microsoft Power BI where she routinely creates visually-friendly reports for stakeholders. Also, ample of endorsed trust within the Social Media sector where she provided Social Media Management for the Reckitt Benckiser Group. Her responsibilities included mapping out customer journeys, obtaining and summarising complex analytical data, producing key insight reports and transforming that into actionable goals. Moreover, Lucie has experience in monitoring and analysing online campaigns and identifying the intricacies between markets.

Finally, Lucie's passions reside in travelling and photography. She shares her travel experiences and photography with her Instagram followers and has become an influencer with engaging and exciting content.