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Launching your startup and growing your business online is both challenging and rewarding. Developing your Google ads strategy as early as possible is an essential foundation that will help drive business growth and acquire business and competitor insights.

Startup & SMEs have advantage over larger competitors.

We help small and medium enterprises compete better with larger and more resourced competitors. You will need to apply and prioritise smart strategic tactics and optimise your campaigns daily to get as much value for your buck. Startups and small business have advantages over large corporations. As a small business, you have the flexibility and the opportunity to act on creative ideas that distinguish you from multinational companies. You have more freedom to position yourself as a new and emerging innovative presence that will disrupt the market. Small business can act quickly on decisions, and new opportunities. You a closer connection with your local community and are better equipped to build trust.

Identify gaps and opportunities that give you the upper-hand.

We’re experienced in helping startups and SMEs define their Google ad strategy goals, including setting up and managing their Google ad campaigns. We’ve given digital marketing workshops, guidance and consultation to dozens of business, and helped build a successful digital marketing foundation and structure. We pride ourselves in identifying gaps and opportunities for our customers. Startups and small business have limited budgets and resources. That’s why we offer an affordable flat-rate from a variety of our Google Ad packages.

Research, research and research

Many Google ad agencies overlook spending time during the research stage and don’t spend enough time on this critical stage. Jumping too quickly into launching your online advertising campaigns. We aim to maximise your return on investment. We become an extension to your team as if we were in your office.

We believe strongly in research and actionable insights. We exploit a 70/30 per cent ratio of research to campaign creation at the start, to ensure your ads are targeting the exact audience to drive business growth. Through research, we acquire actionable insights to target your audience and eliminate wasting spend on non-engaging audiences. Learning your product/service is our priority. Besides your competitors, including advanced research to setting up and launching your campaigns is essential, but we have you covered.

Google ad target audience

Truly understanding your target audiences, customer demographics, behaviour, interests, and intention is essential for a successful Google Ads campaign. Also, finding keywords opportunities, and keywords that drive growth for your competitors are also important factors, saving you time and money on your competitors’ mistakes.

Free consultation, and review of your Google Ads account

Yep, you heard right. We offer all our customers a free Google ads consultation and review of your Google Ads account. We absorb the cost as we are confident that we will win you over as a loyal customer.

365 Google AdWords campaign management services

We offer 365 services, from marketing research, Google ad setup, to Google AdWords campaign management services and reporting.

Daily monitoring and optimisation.

We manage your Google ad account daily to continually optimise your campaigns at a micro-level. We don’t wait a week or month to do this, as we aim to maximise your campaigns’ success. Better yet, we implement an affordable flat-rate price, as we are confident, we will drive growth for your business and deliver results within set budgets. This benefits you as it is much cheaper than the hourly rate charged by other multinational advertising agencies. We absorb the cost when we go over the budget. We’re focused on delivering online business growth and keeping you as a long-term loyal customer.

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You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

We measure your campaigns and deliver personalised reports to you included in our packages. Our reports are visually prepared and presented so you can share with your stakeholders. They will often contain insights to help make business decisions. Start driving online leads.

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