Case Study: Find Your Secret Christmas Snowball Present | 寻找落跑雪球

Client: INDIGO shopping Centre
Beijing, China
Channels: WeChat and Weibo
Time: Christmas Digital Marketing Promotion 2016;

Target audiences
middle-income earners and other potential generic audiences that use a smartphone.

Enhance the awareness of the INDIGO shopping mall, its Christmas decorations product-line and events; Drive O2O customers to the shopping mall to increase sales acquisitions;.


We hid 1,000 Christmas snowballs with various gifts in the shopping mall, nearby office buildings, communities and subway stations, etc. We also developed an H5 with a map on WeChat, successfully marking the locations of the snowballs.

Customers were motivated to search for snowballs to discover a prize. They found snowballs according to the clues provided in WeChat, scanning the QR code in it and redeeming their secret Christmas present at the customer service counter at the INDIGO shopping mall.

Success Story

Approximately 100,000 participants of H5 tried to find their snowballs, which significantly increased the awareness of the shopping mall making a record over any previous campaign. The posts of campaigns on WeChat and Weibo successfully gained more than 5-million views during the digital campaign, and dramatically increased the brand awareness of the client, including overall sales and social reach among our target audience.