Baidu Advertising

Baidu is the largest search engine in China, 1.379 Billion people

Baidu Setup, Advertising & Management


Baidu Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We help you get the most high-quality customers with the least amount of advertising spend!

How does Baidu PPC advertising work?

Baidu Phoenix Nest’s PPC advertising platform is the Chinese counterpart to Google’s Adwords platform. If you’ve ever used Google Adwords, you already know the basics of Baidu’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising platform: you bid on keywords relevant to your business. Albeit, relevant ads that may interest potential customers and direct them to your Chinese based website. Be that as it may, there are many differences between Baidu and Google regarding configuration and account management, and that’s where Surfstr can assist.

Setting up the PPC account

For most western companies that have just started doing digital marketing targeting the Chinese market, creating a Baidu PPC account can be a complicated process. However, this is not a reason to be discouraged; With our help, you can get a relatively pain free account, and the reward far outweighs the effort; You will have access to 650 million people online from China to promote your products and services.

To help our customers, we have simplified the account set up in four easy steps:

  • Submit your Chinese language website to Baidu for approval
  • Prepare and submit the required supporting documents (We do this for you)
  • Sign a Baidu PPC Account Opening Agreement (We already have an account, but will also do this for you)
  • Set up a payment system to finance your PPC Baidu campaigns (Surfstr has our business account with Baidu)
  • Look after china sed paperwork and filing, translations etc.

Baidu PPC Account Management

Effective campaign management is the key to getting the best return on your investment in pay-per-click advertising. To ensure quality, we adopt a standardised approach to Baidu PPC campaigns. Our services include:

1. Chinese keywords research, analysis and benchmarking

Keywords are what potential customers use to find relevant products and services on the Internet. Keyword quality has a direct impact on the cost of a PPC campaign and the type of customers it attracts. Due diligence in keyword research is a crucial step in ensuring the success of the campaign. Surfstr Marketing combines technological know-how (Baidu’s paid API protocols) and cultural awareness to select the best Chinese keywords for your campaign. Also, depending on our client, we research keywords for each stage of the consumer buying cycle, i.e., Awareness, consideration, Purchase.

2. Campaign Structure and Ad Group Configuration

Once keywords are selected, we define ad groups, campaign structures, and schedules based on different criteria, such as geolocations, age groups, revenue levels, time, browsing behaviour on the web, interests etc.

3. Advertising copywriting and creative design

With just three short lines of text, how do you get the right kind of customer attention for your business and eliminate the irrelevant? Surfstr Marketing combines the art of professional writing and marketing science to produce high conversion, high retention digital advertising that drives your business. We A/B test ad titles, descriptions and images. We continuously compete for two of the same ads against each other; the underperforming campaign is then tweaked with the aim to outperform the winning ad. This is a continuous process to maximise add effectiveness and increase your return on investment. Also, at Surfstr, we monitor your ads on a daily basis, not weekly or monthly!

4. Design landing page in Chinese (Desktop & Mobile)

Attracting customers to your website is just the starting point, not the end. Surfstr will review or create a highly-converted SEO landing page with a clear call to action that will turn site visitors into paying customers.

5. Link tags in ads, landing pages, and websites

To monitor campaign performance, all links in your sales and marketing funnels must be adequately marked before the campaign begins. Surfstr Marketing will help you develop and execute a practical and efficient tagging strategy.

6. Data monitoring and performance analysis

To ensure the best return on your advertising expenses, constant monitoring of the performance of your campaign is essential. We use several data analysis tools such as Google Analytics and Baidu Analytics to monitor and analyse your campaign’s performance and implement improvements.

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