What is the WeChat “Shake” Discovery Feature?

The WeChat “Shake” discovery feature allows users to see new offers and can download coupons or further details. This allows businesses to provide an experience similar to iBeacon, while also eliminating the need for them to build their own app. This feature is perfect for promoting your business to Chinese customers overseas. This service can be used by overseas retailers, cafes and restaurants who are looking to drive Chinese clients to their shops, especially for those who don’t speak foreign languages.

Better user experience for your Chinese clients: Shake-Get-Buy

First Chinese customers will shake their phones in front of your shop notice or billboard in Chinese.

WeChat shake guide

Next your shop/cafe/restaurant information page will automatically appear on their phone in Chinese.


Then they will follow the guide on the phone to:

  • Pop into your shop
  • Use the coupon from the page to enter your shop
  • Follow your Tencent WeChat account – Build a consumer loyalty program and followers

Top Features:

  • Local Chinese guidance
  • Good user experience
  • High conversion rate
  • Better strategy to gain your Chinese followers

What will help you to facilitate this function?

  • Local Chinese WeChat service account, offer/coupon design
  • Local Chinese user experience guidance
  • Ibeacons device setup
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