Our team receive interest from all industry sectors, with a significant rise from companies across Europe and parts of Asia. The main people that contact Surfstr is Marketing Managers and company CEO’s seeking to enhance market reach, brand visibility and conversions.

We have all sorts of customers; from Government agencies seeking to promote and attract tourism in their country to Higher educational institutions aiming to attract Chinese students to their universities. Requests also come from the hospitality sector, from restaurant to hotels chains, software and property investment companies to wine and olive oil producers seeking to export their goods.

For example, some European restaurant chains seek to attract Chinese tourists to their restaurant in cities where they have restaurants before or while they are travelling. Also, Hotel chains are getting interested in promoting their accommodation and amenities to Chinese tourists, or Chinese with the intention of travelling.  

There are many methods for targeting people in China. At Surfstr, we can target a variety of identities, based on mixed interests and behaviours targeted to specific user groups.  We can also target high-end personas based on spending behaviour, place of residence and even their response to luxury products.

WeChat ad format summaryWeChat ad formats summaryIt gets better, we also can target travellers, people who have an intention to travel or have travelled to a specific region. Moreover, we can target Chinese tourists while they are already on holiday and promote your business if they are close by, in Chinese.

And of course, our team of WeChat marketing professional can tap into the e-commerce sector, targeting users based on their past online shopping behaviour.  We can even target specific keywords just as you would find on the Google Ad platform.

WeChat TargetingWeChat targeting breakdown

Special targeting (Customised) 

Special WeChat customised targeting

End to end WeChat marketing services

Our team will translate all the content, create high-quality visuals from our digital design team, so you have beautiful, relevant and attractive banners. It gets better, our developers and designers will also create a mini landing page to drive traffic to a specific page to collect leads.



Who can you reach?

With WeChat you can reach people in mainland China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. You can also target users on WeChat International, great for targeting Chinese people living abroad or currently travelling. Our WeChat marketing services also provide display advertising, similar to Google display or video advertising. For example, below are some illustrations on how ads are displayed across the network.  

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